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Quality Since 1982

Our company was established in1982 by Ismet Tiryaki. The company got its name from Accessories “AK” and “Electric” s “EL”and become “AKEL”. This also describes the product range of AKEL. CEO of the company whose name is Ismet Tiryaki, trained into this industry and served many years as apprentice and semiskilled worker. During this period the experience what he has been gained he carried it out to his own company and established AKEL like this. Initially, as accessory and electric parts’ we have served into this industry. However, during of a period of time with the changing demand of customers’ our company continues to serve in the electric parts of heavy duty machinery sector by detaching the accessories. Thus, the company’s emblem is also designed to describe itself.

All kinds of heavy duty machinery’s electric equipment can be supplied by our company. Such as; Komatsu,Cat,Kawasaki,Hitachi,Samsung,Hyundai,Fatih,Cummins,Mercedes,etc. We import from abroad a portion of the sales of our products and mainly we supply the big scale of our product range by ourselves and serve to the industry. Non-stop changing conditions in the world makes production inevitable for us. At the beginning the materials, which we make, are outsource manufacturing for us. However, we moved into our new location in Ankara, Ostim to the workshop with our own production facilities. Some items that we produce are stop solenoids, brush holders, starter solenoids, starter frames, alternator frames, starter motors, backup alarms and lights describes our product range.

We assurance that the service we provide such like we follow a policy that prioritizes customer satisfaction by performing an unwavering exchange of products that we sold in error caused by us with manufacturing mistake. By listening to the suggestions and any kind of precision, we are trying to achieve the best solution. We are not satisfied with the service which we gave to domestic market, we have also started to export overseas by attending international expos. We contribute to Turkey’s economy by exporting to Europe and Middle East countries. Some of the countries that we export are Iran, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Germany, United Kingdom. We continue to grow even further by replicating our market network every day.


To be a leading company in the industry, providing deterrence with the precautions it will take before possible events, providing the highest quality spare parts’ service required by natural person and legal entity it is working with in the most reliable way.

Quality Policy

To meet, develop and maintain the needs of the customers, institutions and organizations in accordance with TSE competency certificate and ÖNORM-EN-ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance System Standards.


Our vision running confidently to the target that we set with our esteemed customers by continuously studying our services with a very different understanding and continuing our continuous development and renewal tradition.

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